Your book deserves optimal exposure, and book fairs are a great avenue to take your book marketing up a notch. Book fairs showcase your book to a new and broader audience, with the opportunity to encounter media reps searching for a story. Book fairs also allow you to develop your platform and grow your brand. So, landing your book in a booth is enough reason to join.

With The Reading Glass Books book fair packages, your book exposure can even skyrocket. Get your book displayed and marketed in our booth and secure a slot in our catalog, have a custom press release for your book with other online campaigns and shoutouts, and land a shelf space at our bookstore. These and other benefits depend on your package. So, take your book from the bookshelf to a book show. Get your story heard and your book discovered. Together, let’s go to book fairs. Contact us now.


  • 6-month bookstore display at The Reading Glass Bookstore
  • Availability at our online bookstore
  • Book display at the mall
  • 100% direct sales

Book Consignment with
Book signing package

  • 1 Year Book Display at The Reading Glass Bookstore
  • Book Display at the Mall
  • 2-hour Long Book Signing Session During one of the National Book Fairs
  • 50 Book Copies
  • 10-minute-long Author Interview (pre-and-post signing)
  • Book Promotional Video
  • Full Page Ad Placement on The Reading Glass Books-Catalog
  • A custom Press Release Published three (3)
    days before the event
  • A pre and-post Email Marketing Campaign
  • A pre and-post Social Media Shoutout
  • Printed Marketing Materials