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After that terrible night when she was rushed to the hospital by her aunt and grandmother, Elizabeth Rose Brockton left the town of Aidan, Michigan without any trace, and live a different life as an elementary school teacher under the name of Alisa Rose. With her traumas, uncertainties, and fears alongside, Alisa chose to rebuild her shattered life away from the town she ran away from while keeping her secrets with her. Everything was doing fine even if every day she felt trapped from the weight of her secrets, until one
day while giving a Math Activity to her students, she received a call from her grandmother, Rose, informing her that her mother died. And it means one thing, she needs to go home. On that day, she cried in front of the principal’s secretary, not because of grief, but because of dread that she must return to a time and a place where she was someone else. Beth Brockton ceased to exist long ago.

When she lost her mom, it seemed as if every bit of security she had was suddenly gone. The monsters that made her silently leave were now after her. The people around, especially Jack, her best friend, and Sam, her ex-fiancé, started to dig into the reason for her sudden disappearance. The kind of love that Jack had for Beth was inspirational. It depicts extraordinary friendship. Sam and Beth’s relationship
wasn’t perfect, but the patience and love Sam had for Beth was beyond amazing. The things that Beth went through did not make him love her less. It was true love. Beth was very flawed, but she was no damsel, she saved herself by learning how to ask for help and trust the people that love her. It was very good character development.

As the story progresses with the excruciating web of silence surrounding Beth, you can’t easily figure out who is the real culprit, and it will make you think that everyone is a suspect. Beth’s silence will make you want to hate her than pity her. It will make you want to get involved and just force her to speak up, so you will know how to help her, and she will no longer suffer from the fear even with her own shadow. But if you’ll know her reasons, you will understand why she chose silence. An unexpected turn of events made Beth the Cop Killer. It was the kind of plot twist you’ll never even imagine nor wish while reading the book. The author smoothly transitioned the main character from the traumatized victim to an alleged murderer. She made it an opportunity to unravel everything. It was remarkable how Beth finally got the courage to break her silence when her daughter got involved. It was the epitome of a mother’s great love.

If you love solving mysteries, then this book is for you. It has the perfect balance between suspense and romance. Surely, the book did not just speak of solving crimes and reuniting lost relationships, it also speaks of healing and moving forward. The story did not only revolve around Beth and how she got the justice that she deserved, but it also tackles trust, love, family, friendship, and social issues. It will make you feel different kinds of emotions all at once. It was such a beautiful sight to see Beth healing from all her traumas and conquering all her fears. The story will not leave you hanging wanting for more, it will give you the sense of fulfillment that finally the characters got the happiness and peace they deserved. Somehow, it felt like closure to see Beth living her best life with Sam and Samantha.

Kathleen Dutton’s Web of Silence will teach readers that there’s no use in running from your traumas. If you don’t address the things that you used to run away from, they will haunt you instead.

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