David DeRosa’s “Anaxiunara” Reveals in Uplifting Narrative that the Real Magic is Love

Anaxiunara One Brief Eternity


An amazing thought-provoking book about love and life with the right twist of fantasy COOKSTOWN, NEW JERSEY, USA, August 30, 2021 /EINPresswire.com/ — “Anaxiunara (One Brief Eternity)” by David DeRosa is a swashbuckling adventure in a world of pirates and magic, where a man discovers his greatest power is love in his heart and the people with whom he shares it. With three children on an epic voyage to seek justice for his murdered wife, Jo Lee finds the perfect nanny, an ancient dragon taking the form of a woman. Even with powerful magic, can Anaxiunara mend a broken heart? What could a dragon know of love? Anaxiunara follows her curiosity and discovers, along the way, the richness of life as adventures unfold. The ultimate enchantress, powerful beyond reckoning, is herself enchanted by the simple bonds of family and friends.

David DeRosa grew up in the borough of Island Heights on the New Jersey coast. Growing up, he was fascinated by the stories of Captain Cook, who was rumored to have buried a chest of gold in the neighboring town of Money Island. His love of a good story has transported him to different worlds and adventures, wrapped in the bindings of science fiction and fantasy novels. Moreover, he has written and recorded several original songs, played in, and directed many community theatre productions. Some notable performances include his portrayal of Jesus in “Jesus Christ Superstar,” Pippin in “Pippin,” and Joseph in “Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat.” Despite his love for performing, his passion is strongest in writing. While working for the Navy Base in Lakehurst as an equipment specialist, he spent evenings and weekends writing three science fiction and fantasy novels. Recently retired from his government work, David hopes to continue writing fantasy adventures for as long as he lives because he believes that “Fantasy is where it all begins, the ideas that shape our realities.” Readers may also visit www.authordavidderosa.com to know more about David and his works.

“Anaxiunara” is a very human story of a not-so-human being looking for an explanation of that mysterious and powerful magic we call love.

Its genre-bending style does not overwhelm beginners to the world of fantasy, thus making it a good start for those used to reading romance or drama stories.

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