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Baby Chick

Title:  Baby Chick
Subtitle:  An Easter Story
Author:  Lois Lund
Publisher:  PageTurner, Press and Media LLC
ISBN:  978-1643760759
Genre:  Illustrated Children’s Book / Christianity/ Poetry
Pages:  24
Reviewed by:  Barbara Miller

Hollywood Book Reviews

A graciously laid-out and generously spaced children’s book, author Lois Lund’s Baby Chick – An Easter Storyhas all of the elements of portraying a warm & fuzzy loving feeling when read to little ones, especially in the springtime around Easter.  Having the absolutely enchanting artwork by artist A. J. Eadie, showing a cute little chick just hatched with a visual technique bringing in readers’ eyes to a focal point reminiscent to me of the View-Master 3D images of the past, along with the author’s poetic prose, this book bounces along with a sing-song rhyme to create an extraordinary reading experience.  Children and parents combined will make the paging of this book an occasion to enjoy each and every time they read it.

Baby Chick – An Easter Story then allows space for children to draw and color-in the shapes of the baby chick along with some flowers, allowing for this book to become an interactive experience.  Plus, a Bible prayer is displayed which can be recited or sung by the readers, allowing for yet another dimension of reading interaction.

Combining the elements of extraordinary visual artwork, with rhyming poetic prose in a single-line-per-page cadence, plus interactive space allocated for drawing, and finally the singing of prayerful words, the loving outreach of author Lois Lund is exemplified with style and grace.  The author has even included a bookplate for children to write their name so when they bring this book over to friend’s homes there will be no confusion as to who owns this book.

Baby Chick – An Easter Story is a charming jewel of the genre of illustrated children’s books, and a wonderful item to give to others or even buy for yourself.  It can be just the perfect addition to be added to the colorful Easter baskets exchanged during the most precious springtime holiday season.

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