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Catch the White Tiger

Title: Catch The White Tiger: How I Achieved the American Dream with $28
Author: Tony Assali
Publisher: The Reading Glass Books
Pages: 424
Genre: Business Professional’s Biographies
Reviewed by: Jack Chambers

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When it comes to people seeking a new life for themselves, all around the world there is an idea which comes from wanting to seek that new life in the United States: The American Dream. For many, the American Dream can mean a lot of different things, but the root of it stems from a desire to establish freedom and safety for the people closest to you. Whether you hope to build a business and become independent, or you desire to follow your heart and find love and simplicity in the freedoms which can be found in the U.S., the American Dream is one of the last couple of centuries’ biggest promises of hope which people can find.

In author Tony Assali’s Catch The White Tiger: How I Achieved the American Dream with $28, the author shows the promise that comes from the American Dream through his own story. Arriving in the U.S. in 1970 at the age of 17, with only $28 in his pocket, the young man sought to escape the war of his home of Lebanon, and instead make a home for himself so he may bring his family over soon after. In the process of making this a reality, the young man would grow into a powerful and successful businessman, using his special skill to perceive the White Tiger, or the rare opportunities others don’t see or pursue, to make himself into a self-made millionaire, fulfill his promise to his family, and even find love. Despite the complications of life and the roadblocks in his path, the author shares how he never gave up and found happiness and the promise of the American Dream.

The author does an incredible job of finding just the right balance between his personal memoir storytelling of his life’s journey and the lessons in both business and life which stemmed from these experiences. The running theme of competition and cooperation going hand in hand throughout life and business, is a great thread to see run through the author’s life, seeing the impact that gave to everyone from his family. To his employees in times of economic stress or crisis, to the people he holds dear to his heart and beyond, the impact the author had on industries and popular trends, such as the introduction of hummus into the grander grocery industry, to several businesses in retail, food, and real-estate was inspiring. The personable writing style the author employs here makes the reader take notice and get lost in the author’s story.

To me, this book is the perfect read for those who enjoy non-fiction memoirs and autobiographies, especially those who enjoy memoirs about successful entrepreneurs and businessmen and women, as well as inspirational stories of immigrant success stories in the United States. The hope and passion the author’s words struck in me as I delved into his life’s story, and the newfound confidence and strength to move forward with what makes you passionate, made this a profound reading experience.

Thoughtful, hopeful, and engaging, author Tony Assali’s Catch The White Tiger: How I Achieved the American Dream with $28 is a must-read memoir and non-fiction business book you won’t be able to put down. The depth of detail and the imagery in the author’s work made his life and the experiences he had so profoundly deep and enlightening. The connection the author makes with readers as they feel the opportunity to make a name for themselves, as well is a great inspiration to work hard and look for the “white tiger” in all our lives. This book is well suited for entrepreneurs, immigrants, and anyone who needs extra motivation for success.

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