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Title: Coming 2 America: This is a Story of a Fifteen-Year-Old African Girl
Author: Dr. John Ayoola Akinyemi
Publisher: The Reading Glass Books
Pages: 92
Genre: Nonfiction / Biography & Memoir
Reviewed by: Lily Amanda 


Hollywood Book Review

Coming 2 America: This is a Story of a Fifteen-Year-Old African Girl is a bracingly revealing text written by Dr. John Ayoola Akinyemi. Part biography and part memoir, the author unveils a shining panorama of his late wife’s life, her career path and accomplishments. Born in the rural town of Machakos, Kenya, in a strictly religious background, Agnes Akinyemi was the eighth child in a family of ten. At the age of 15, she left Kenya for the US to seek higher education. Agnes would finish her education and find love in America, even going on to head a re-known research laboratory in Maryland.

With classic simplicity, the author goes ahead to share fond memories regarding the beautiful moments he shared with his late wife during their college days; such as attending the Winter Carnival and the Aurora College 47th Homecoming. Agnes continued living a full life after her retirement, engaging in her hobbies such as music and dancing up until her health started declining at the age of 72.

Her legacy lives on through this book as it reveals the improbable and remarkable journey of a life well lived. The warmth and tone with which Dr. Akinyemi writes, demonstrates the love and affection he shared with his departed wife. The precision and candor with which he also narrates the story, makes this book easy to read, and Agnes’s life story resonated in my mind long after the reading was done. Furthermore, intriguing photos permeate this text and help bring the author’s story to life.

It is believed that hard work, risk- taking and sacrifice are the keys to achieving the American dream and not sheer luck. Coming 2 America: This is a Story of a Fifteen-Year-Old African Girl is the story of the accomplishment of one such dream. It is cogently written and richly detailed, an aspect which will undoubtedly endear many readers to this book.

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