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Seed of Simon

Title: Seed of Simon
Author: Michael Goings
Publisher: Glasslink Solutions
ISBN: 978-1088087015
Pages: 448
Genre: Spiritual
Reviewed by: Ephantus M

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Seed of Simon by Michael Goings rivets with heart-throbbing encounters, miraculous manifestations, and a revolutionizing reveal through the story of a young man, Raphael, who has an entire medical circle bewildered by the rare composition of his blood.

In the first pages, author Michael Goings is hilarious in his mention of Raphael not stepping his feet in a church for a long time, but having a startling dream which jolts him to his feet in search of his Bible. In the dream, Raphael had witnessed the grave sufferings, insults, and ridicule which were being hauled on a man who without a doubt was the Biblical Savior, Jesus Christ. To Raphael’s amazement, Jesus remained calm in the face of utmost shame and punishment, even with a heavy beam perched on his back that threatened to send him crashing to the ground. The appearance of a tall and dark man who was willing to assist in carrying the heavy cross has Raphael speculate in the subsequent days on the nature of the dream and its characters, a mystery readers will want to solve with the protagonist, as the narrative progresses.

Author Goings will again draw a reader’s attention to an astonishing anomaly that has occurred in a hospital in Nazareth, where a sixty-eight-year-old patient has miraculously risen from his cancer bed. This rare occurrence attracts the attention of doctors and nurses who knew the patient’s fate to have been hanging by a thread in the recent past. Readers will find themselves in equal amazement at how the patient could have just drifted up out of unconsciousness feeling refreshed and without pain in his body after having a devastating experience with a tumor which had rapidly metastasized.

This well-edited narrative is full of clues which will have readers gripped and in deep anticipation of the final reveal. The plotline is so engaging that a desire to read the book in one sitting will be irresistible. By the end of the text readers may find themselves considering having a reflective moment on the nature of God’s kindness to them, and his reliable benevolence in offering undeserving solutions during difficult moments and times.

Seed of Simon by Michael Goings is a unique work that flaunts deep spiritual wisdom regarding God-given gifts, sacrifices to one another, and the numerous rewards of kindness. This is a fitting read that will illuminate the eyes of readers who desire to discover their unique abilities, as well as their place in the world.

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