Lifelong Friends

Title: Lifelong Friends
Author: Alan W. Miniter
Publisher: The Reading Glass Books
ISBN: 978-1962497640
Pages: 18
Genre: Illustrated Children’s Book
Reviewed by: Beith Adams


Pacific Book Review

What would one say is the most important element in establishing a deep and loving lifelong friendship? In Lifelong Friends, author Alan W. Miniter brings to his reading audience a few basic elements, but the theme of the book is that spending time together is the most important factor in a friendship. Without being with your friend, sadness comes by missing each other, and sometimes a new friendship is made with someone else – filling in the gap separation created.

Readers are introduced to this little girl Casey, as she watches a new foal being born one spring evening. Knowing this horse will be ‘hers’ she was obviously very excited. Naming it Quest, Casey and Quest spent hours each day together as Casey would bring carrots to Quest, along with always a tender kiss on the horse’s furry nose. Their friendship flourished for years, as Casey trained Quest to accept a saddle and bridal, and they both enjoyed their time together. At one point, Casey entered into a local parade, dressing Quest up with Native American painted decorations; they even won a prize!

All of this comes to a pause as Casey goes off to school in another area, not being able to see Quest for a long time. During those days, Quest misses Casey terribly, ‘nehhing’ which was her way of calling out to Casey, who of course was far away and unable to hear her. But then what happens is amazing – a sheep, listening to Quest’s calls, responds by entering the coral and befriending Quest. Ramie, the sheep, becomes a loyal friend to Quest.

Days pass and then a voice is heard by the animals; it is Casey coming home from school for a break, and joining both Quest and Ramie in the coral. From there we have a ‘happily-ever-after’ ending, bringing smiles and love to all.

The author has created a kind and loving story for all youngsters to read, or have this book read to them, as the detailed illustrations which accompany the storyline are ideally interleaved, thus creating an immersive reading experience.

Lifelong Friends shows how the foundation of being kind and spending quality time together makes for a long-lasting relationship. It is a book which is also a lesson for children on how to make – and keep – a friend for life.

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