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Making Love with Love

Title: Making Love with Love
Subtitle: How To Better Understand Us
Author: Leonnardo Andre, MD
Publisher: The Reading Glass Books
ISBN: 978-1959151555
Pages: 148
Genre: Self-Help
Reviewed by: Ashley Miller

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Sexual intimacy and its aspects were always considered taboo – one which was only mentioned behind closed doors and as sneaky whispers. Even during this age of progressive thoughts, the shadows of innocence and decency continue to loom. Many people shy away from what they like in bed and avoid conversations about this with their partners. In this book, Making Love with Love, author Leonnardo Andre hopes to seek to lift the veil on the intricacies of sexual intimacy in relationships.

With over a decade of experience as a medical doctor, Andre not only recognizes the dearth of knowledge surrounding the role of sex in marital relationships, but also feels compelled to bridge that knowledge gap. He hopes to educate people brought up thinking that sex was “dirty” or “forbidden” or that discussing it was vulgar and perverse. The book is mainly intended for the section of society who are in a romantic or marital relationship with another.

The author has laid out his work in a well-constructed structure, beginning from the root of all causes in many relationships: miscommunication or the complete lack thereof. From there, he focuses on why an individual’s partner may feel disinterested in having sexual contact with them or why the individual feels as if their marriage is on the brink of collapse. He illustrates them with examples, and points out their psychological aspects, which humanizes these issues, making them more relatable. The incorporation of emotion during coitus transforms it into more than a physical altercation; it becomes a place for exploration and vulnerability. The author also repeatedly stresses that while sex is necessary for a happy marital life, it is not the complete foundation of any successful partnership.

Andre also encourages readers to openly communicate their desires and sexual fantasies, urging them to embrace an open-minded approach to intimacy. He also provides in-depth information on the physiological aspects of the body, how to offer and receive pleasure, sex toys and other instruments, venereal diseases and sexual pathologies, etc. While his coverage is comprehensive, it is worth noting that the book could be more inclusive in exploring the sexual experiences of LGBTQ+ individuals and other marginalized communities.

Making Love With Love: How To Better Understand Us is a valuable resource for couples looking to foster more fulfilling and content lives together. It is a comprehensive guide to enhancing communication, deepening emotional connections, and navigating the complex terrain of sexual intimacy in a healthy and informed manner. By sharing his extensive medical knowledge and insights, Leonnardo Andre empowers readers to break free from the chains of secrecy and silence, allowing them to embrace a more open and enlightened approach to intimacy in their relationships. I highly recommend it.


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