Pacific Book Reviews | Coming 2 America: This is a Story of a Fifteen-Year-Old African Girl

Title: Coming 2 America: This is a Story of a Fifteen-Year-Old African Girl
Author: Dr. John Ayoola Akinyemi
Publisher: The Reading Glass Books
Pages: 92
Genre: Nonfiction / Biography & Memoir
Reviewed by: Alyssa Avina


Pacific Book Review

When humanity takes the time to look at how they have impacted the world and the people in their lives, getting the rare opportunity to see ourselves through the eyes of others is a gift which can have far reaching implications on the legacy in which we will always be remembered. The ability to have our lives recorded or written down allows a piece of ourselves to live on no matter what happens in life.

That is the process for which author and Dr. John Ayoola Akinyemi presents the life of his late wife Agnes in the book Coming 2 America: This is a Story of a Fifteen-Year-Old African Girl. The book follows the life of Agnes, who came to America as a young woman from Africa and not only found love and a family through her meeting with the author, but went on to head a prominent research laboratory in Maryland which would showcase her resilience and intelligence, pushing her forward in the progress of not only her own personal life journey but the American story overall.

The author did an incredible job of writing a succinct yet impactful book. The passion and heart for which the author brought this book to life was so moving, as the reader, I could feel the love and admiration the author felt for his wife. The writing style of the author was so engaging, as the writing felt like a conversation between the author and the reader, rather than a story being told to the general readership as a whole. The thoughtfulness that went into the author’s writing allowed me to get an idea of the impact Agnes had on the author’s life, as well as those around her.

This is the perfect read for those who enjoy non-fiction books, especially those which are written in a short form writing style that acts as both an autobiography and memoir all in one sitting. The warmth of the family photos peppered throughout the book and the detail the author put into the life of Agnes, and the memories they both shared together throughout their life, make this a memorable story; one that readers will be instantly hooked on and engaged with.

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