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Title: Menopausal Killer Sharksirl
Jan Atkinson
Pages: 95
Humorous Fiction
Reviewed by:
Nancy Doyle


Pacific Book Review

Menopausal Killer Sharks by author Jan Atkinson is a collection of short stories which delves into the lives of women navigating the turbulent waters of midlife. Through a blend of humor, wit, and poignant observations, Atkinson offers a refreshing take on the menopausal experience, exploring themes of identity, relationships, and self-discovery.

Atkinson’s ability to capture the essence of the menopausal journey is commendable. One of the standout aspects of the collection is the authenticity with which she portrays her characters. Each story is populated with women who feel real and relatable, grappling with the challenges and joys of this significant life stage. For example, in “Shark Tooth,” Atkinson skillfully explores the complexities of female friendship and the insecurities that can arise as women age. The protagonist’s journey toward self-acceptance resonates deeply, offering readers a glimpse into the universal struggle for validation and belonging.

Another strength of Menopausal Killer Sharks is Atkinson’s use of humor to tackle serious subjects. From the challenges of hot flashes to dealing with an empty nest, Atkinson adds a certain light-heartedness to her narratives which makes even the most difficult topics more approachable. For instance, in “The Great White Lie,” Atkinson humorously navigates the pitfalls of online dating for women of a certain age, highlighting the absurdities and pitfalls of modern romance with wit and charm. This ability to find laughter in the face of adversity adds depth to the collection, making it both entertaining and thought-provoking. Menopausal Killer Sharks as well offer many insightful moments.

Furthermore, while Atkinson excels at capturing the experiences of middle-aged women, there is a lack of diversity in the perspectives presented. The majority of characters in Menopausal Killer Sharks are white, heterosexual women, which may limit the book’s appeal to a more diverse audience. Including a broader range of voices and experiences could enrich the collection and make it more inclusive.

Menopausal Killer Sharks is a humorous and insightful exploration of the menopausal experience. Atkinson’s sharp wit and authentic characterizations breathe life into each story, offering readers a glimpse into the joys and challenges of midlife. The collection’s ability to spark laughter and provoke thought makes it a worthwhile read for women of all ages. By embracing the complexities of menopause with honesty and humor, Atkinson has created a book which is both entertaining and enlightening.

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