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Title: Tiberius Bound
Author: Walter Signorelli
Publisher: Quantum Discovery
Pages: 353
Genre: Literature & Fiction
Reviewed by: Jack Chambers


Pacific Book Review

One of the biggest challenges a person can face in life is fighting to find your own destiny. Throughout every person’s life, there are several people who will attempt to challenge a person’s resolve and bring them to their own conclusions on who that person should be. The need to change a person’s trajectory can come from a place of love and hope for a better future for that person, but ultimately that person is the one who will determine who they will become in this world.

Instances of this have happened throughout history, even impacting some of the most iconic or pivotal historical figures. This is what author Walter Signorelli shares in the book Tiberius Bound. In the book, the author uses narrative storytelling to share the life of Tiberius Claudius Nero, the step-son of Augustus Caesar who reluctantly becomes the second Emperor of Rome. The fascinating story of how this man, revered as Rome’s greatest general in his day, and how he not only ran from an unhappy marriage, but fled the duties of his role as general and then finally the second Emperor of Rome in the wake of Caesar’s death, is an engaging story that showcases the rare instance of a reluctant ruler of one of history’s greatest empires.

The author did such a fantastic job of capturing the customs and culture of this particular point in history. The descriptive nature of the author’s writing style and the vast array of characters and historical figures allows the readers to feel transported in time, as if viewing these events through a film or television screen. The heart of this story rested in the truly unique and powerful character development of the protagonist, and the way the author was able to craft Tiberius utilizing historical records and accounts, and still make a character that felt bold and alive on the page made the narrative itself feel elevated and intriguing.

This is the perfect read for those who enjoy historical fiction, especially those with a penchant for Roman history and the personal thoughts and mindsets of prominent historical leaders. The novel made Tiberius feel truly human in a way which not all of history considers, showcasing his troubled relationships with his father and step-father, as well as the ramifications of being separated from his mother and being enamored with philosophy and art despite his success as a military leader. The shocking realities of Tiberius and his life both before and after becoming Rome’s second Emperor and the in-depth nature of the story itself made this a must-read historical fiction novel.

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