A Good Family


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Yesterday’s beginnings starts with John born in 1809 in Alloway, Scotland who married his wife Margaret on August 30, 1831 in Lanark County, Ontario. Both families had migrated to Canada and met and married having eleven living of fourteen children. Both John and Margaret were buried in the Greenwood Centre, Middleville, Ontario. My father, John, was the son of Allan and Bette and he had three children: Al, my eldest brother; Tricia, myself and Lew, my youngest brother. It also started in the U.S.A. in a little town of St. Ignace of Michigan where my grandmother Hattie was born of two Yankees. Very strong stock. As a small child, I travelled often to see Great Grandpa, father of my grandmother, who married a Clay. It is said that he was related to the great General Clay, U.S.A.


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