A’Na’s Gift (Pieces to the Puzzle)


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A’na’s Gift is the story of a woman who has accidentally landed on planet Earth. She comes from the planet Mentaka, a 5th dimensional planet. A’na knows that there are no “accidents”, only opportunities for growth and learning. She eventually meets a young girl named Lucy and they become inseparable friends, despite their age difference and spiritual beliefs. Lucy is a young girl of 12. The information and beliefs that A’na shares with Lucy

will change her perceptions of life forever.

Come join the two as they embark on many new life experiences and Lucy learns that she is so much more than just a human being living on planet Earth. A’na is only on Earth for a few short months but what she learns is a deepening of the true meaning of love. She knows that there is something she has missed knowing in the circumstances she finds herself in. She must give in to that “not knowing” to find the truth. It is a nagging feeling in her gut and in her heart and yet, she knows in her mind, she must wait for the right time, and the right situation for it to come fully into her awareness.

As A’na prepares to leave to go back to Mentaka, Lucy is heartbroken. She cannot phantom life on Earth without her new friend. A’na has taught Lucy much in their short time together and it is these lessons that will change Lucy’s life forever. She has already grown exponentially since A’na’s arrival. She appears to be the same girl on the outside, but she is a totally different person from the inside. She has awakened to see the illusion of life and the unseen world that is before her. Lucy knows that she has a purpose and a mission in this life. She also has a secret that only she can figure out.

This is a book that is up-lifting heart-felt, and heart-warming. It is life-changing. It has many open-ended descriptions and scenarios. It is full of hope and self-discovery. It is a self-help book on one of the deepest levels, that of the soul. Lucy learns that she is so much more than a young girl living on planet Earth in the middle of a pandemic. Her eyes are opened as big as her heart as she learns about the unseen world that is before our very eyes if we care to take notice. A’na has opened Pandora’s box in a big way and now it is up to Lucy as to how she will proceed in life. She realizes life will never be the same. She also knows she is part of and witness to a very big miracle that has changed her life forever. I hope you take what you may need from reading A’na’s Gift and that it will lift you up to sore with open wings, knowing that you too, are so much more than you believe yourself to be. Life is beautiful and so are you! Much love.

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