Catch the White Tiger: How I Achieved the American Dream with $28


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In 1970, at the age of 17 and with only twenty-eight dollars in his pocket, Tony Assali flew to America to escape war in his homeland, Beirut, Lebanon. With the intention of establishing a foothold so that he can bring the rest of his family to safety, Tony must find work quickly. Luckily, Tony possesses a special skill: the ability to perceive white tigers, rare and valuable opportunities other people either do not see or are too afraid to pursue. From humble beginnings working in a doughnut factory, to parlaying his charm into a position selling men’s suits by the thousands, Tony fulfills his promise to his family. Then Tony dares to dream bigger, creating a thriving business that makes him a millionaire. But even with these victories, Tony still hasn’t found the white tiger he’s really looking for-the right partner to make his life complete…until a woman he can’t stop thinking about walks into his life. Complications arise, but she might just be the one, and Tony is never the type of person to let an obstacle stop him.


When civil war broke out in Lebanon, Tony’s home country, his parents sent him to America with just $28 in his pocket. They hoped he would secure a foothold in the US so they could soon join him. But Tony did much more than that-he achieved the American dream.Do you enjoy hummus? You might wish to thank Tony for bringing the tasty Mediterranean dish to American supermarkets in the 1980s-just one of the many feats of this serial entrepreneur. Along the way, Tony also built million-dollar companies in multiple sectors: apparel, food, retail, and real estate.It’s no wonder BNI Founder Ivan Misner wrote the foreword to Tony’s memoir. Tony exemplifies BNI’s motto: “givers gain.” Never a taker, he has always put others’ interests first. Fulfilling his parents’ wishes, Tony brought his whole family to the US and found them all jobs. Later, when he assumed a manager position and his sales force needed confidence to close deals, Tony lent them his own money. Soon after opening his own escrow company, the housing market collapsed in 2008. Did Tony ever miss payroll? Not once-he also kept his entire staff without laying off a single worker.Time and again Tony has been rewarded for his kindness and something else-his ability to see business opportunities others can’t-or won’t due to their limited thinking. In his memoir: Catch the White Tiger, Tony reveals the secret to his success: kindness and unflinching confidence in his vision.Disillusioned by today’s cynicism? Plagued by doubts or fears? Learn to silence your inner critique by discovering Tony’s inspirational story today.

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