Escape Across the Border: A Search for a Better Life


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Escape Across the Border is a story about a young couple’s escape into Austria to find freedom from the tyrannical communistic government that took over Yugoslavia after World War II. It concerns their despair under a tyrannical regime, their desperate struggle to survive, their attempt to cross the border, and their struggle to find a better life in Canada.In order to cross the border, they walked for three days with very little water and no food. They made a miraculous crossing of a very heavily patrolled bridge several miles from the border. When finally arriving at the border, they found themselves nearly surrounded by border guards. They had stumbled into a guard encampment and were barely able to hide in small brush. The border guards seemed to be everywhere and they were carrying sub-machine guns over their shoulders. Had Nadia and Rudy been discovered where they lay, they would have been shot and killed instantly. This is a true story of Nadia’s and Rudy life in Yugoslavia, their desperate and miraculous escape into Austria where they were interned in a refugee camp for fourteen months, and their final release to Canada where they continued their quest for a better life.


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