Eyes in the Mirror: Everything Changed When He Met His Soul


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Zach and Samantha Morgan are young urban professionals expecting their second child. But when their amniocentesis test reveals devastating news, they are thrown into complete turmoil. Sams doctor gives them less than twenty-four hours to choose whether or not to terminate the pregnancy. Then an accident renders Zach unconscious on the bathroom floor. This sends a signal to his Soul, Domini, to take him to the Swing Between Worlds, the dimension where Souls design their human incarnations. He undergoes eleven initiations to review his life and gain a broader perspective about himself and humankind. In the twelfth initiation, he meets the Soul of their unborn child. Zach thus earns the right to tour the City of Union, on New Earth, where he learns how our social and physical systems can change to reflect the expansive self-awareness of the people, transforming Earth to paradise. When he is finally returned to his body, he revisits the dilemma of what to do about his and Sams unborn childbut with a fresh perspective. In this novel, as a young couple faces a choice regarding their severely deformed fetus, one of them experiences a spiritual journey that changes his view of the world. The debut novel by architect-turned-author Moore is a mystic-inspirational piece laden with autobiographical detail in the same vein as works by Dan Millman and Richard Bach. a well-described memoir of pain and triumph in the Tobias Wolff mold even as it bounds ahead in the final chapters into a fantastically distant future utopian America on New Earth, where humans have finally embraced inner godliness (and really good architecture). Well-constructed entry in the New Age/inspirational genre. Kirkus Review


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