From Religion To Relationship


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Paperback ‏ : ‎ 372 pages
ISBN-13 ‏ : ‎ 978-1648013539
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I wrote this book to share my spiritual journey and the things I believe God has shared with me. It has truly freed me, and I pray that the things I have shared will help free you as well.

I must give my wife credit for helping to inspire me to write this book. My wife woke me up one morning very wide-eyed and excited. She said, “Baby, God just gave me the title of your book, but you have to write the book.”

This was not the first time my wife, as well as a few of my friends with whom I have shared my views, had encouraged me to write a book, but I laughed it off, saying to myself, “I’m not writing a book, my spelling is horrible, and my punctuation is even worse.” But thank God for the technology of computers because it helped me with my shortcomings, and I finally felt a release that this was my time and season, and it allowed me to set my shortcomings aside and share what God has given me to a broader audience.

Just like nature, when we are in tune with God, we come into spiritual awareness and insight of our times and seasons.

I am just an average guy who has allowed Christ to touch my life and change my perspectives concerning how to walk with God, and with all my heart, I believe this is the time and season for kingdom worship.

I have experienced worship under religion, and I am learning the freedom of kingdom fruit worship, which has truly satisfied my spiritual thirst. I believe it will satisfy your thirst as well. It is truly a well of life with a never-ending supply.

You just have to get onboard, and you will see Christ standing at the gates of our Father’s kingdom with His arms opened wide, saying,



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