Hauntings and Healings: And Other Such Wonders From The Paranormal Experiences Of A Psychic, Medium and Healer


Language ‏ : ‎ English
Paperback ‏ : ‎ 228 pages
ISBN-13 ‏ : ‎ 978-1645503682
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“UK author Helen Bevan’s five decades of wide experience of the paranormal is shared clearly and honestly in her book Hauntings & Healings.

Enjoy her stories and insights about:-

•Residual energies – of locations and articles
•Helping departed souls cross over into the light
•Clairvoyance – successes and restraints
•Animals and other creatures – and energy netting
•Spirit guidance – and synchronicities
•Healing – successes and restraints
•Past lives – and their relevance to this life

… and much more.

Comments on the 2011 printed version of Hauntings & Healings:-

“This book is totally un-putdownable – a wonderful read.” J.L. Somerset, UK

“I love your book, very informative and friendly, which is probably why I felt drawn to it. I am very interested in this subject but have avoided buying direct literature on it up to now. Just wanted to read the right thing first, it’s a minefield out there.” E.C. Bristol, UK

“I loved the book and its kind of come at the right time as Ive been really getting into meditation and healing with a little group of friends over the last 6 months. Its answered a lot of the questions I had recently.
I did spend ages online trying to find ways to close down meditation sessions and didn’t really find anything but the info in the book is really good.
I like the book as it was so honest. Lots of books like that are almost bragging about the experiences or gifts people have but yours is very refreshing.”
M.M. Newcastle-on-Tyne, UK

“Helen Bevan’s book draws on her interpretation of experiences over many decades. As a retired librarian of many years standing she writes well and it is easy to read. She benefits from a working partnership with her husband Keith who is also a healer and medium and I recommend it to anyone who finds the subject of interest.”
This 5 star review is from Amazon.co.uk by Snowflake 12 Feb 2012

“I wanted to write and let you know Helen how much I enjoyed your writings. Well written and very interesting to read. I especially related to the happenings from Central Library to around Beric’s birth time because I remembered you telling me about it as it happened… What an interesting life you have had.”
H.C. Bristol, UK

Helen Bevan has aimed her book at those who are interested in learning more of this through her wisdom and experience – not trying to convince hard-line sceptics but seeking to open minds, plant seeds and nurture them as they grow, helping people along their various spiritual paths.”


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