Igor & His Roadrunner “Buddy”


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Lida Kilchencko and Igor

A special THANK YOU to Lynn Bean (LynnBean@Lynnbean.com) for allowing the use of her ROADRUNNER painting, on the front cover of this book. Some proceeds will be donated to our students illustrator Lida Kilchencko (lidabobida@hotmail.com).

Igor Sedor, the gentleman experiencing this story, is 78 and makes Native American style Flutes. He teaches new students, for free, how to play and experience the pleasure from flute music.

Teri Lyn Vander Heiden, author of this book is 76 yr. Old widow, building a dream home. A prototype Senior Smart House-the home that cares for you! This home is for young and old. It is where a person in a wheelchair can let the home care for you with the concept in which it is created. Located in Las Vegas, NV, it will be open during the day, so visitors can experience how this home ‘cares for you.’ A Senior Smart House Foundation (non-profit) has been created for the benefit of assisted students/seniors in whatever way is needed.

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