Keeping in Touch with the Other Side True Inspirational Stories


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Pauline Di Benedetto, who was raised in Brooklyn, New York, and now resides in North Attleborough, Massachusetts, says she received her gift of writing at the age of fifteen. While she was saying her prayers, her words began to rhyme. That was when she knew that writing was her purpose in life. She has written several poems and songs in her life which she shared with her family and friends. Through her trials in life, Pauline felt the need to help others by inspiring them to have faith. She published her first book with us titled, Faith Through the Eyes of a Child which is available on Amazon and can be ordered in any brick-and-mortar stores. Pauline believes this book, Keeping in Touch with the Other Side, is “the one” that was truly “meant to be written.” In this book, she has included Bible verses, along with a poem after each chapter, which give an inspirational message. Although she hesitated to write this book, she felt as though she was “pushed” into it when she fell and fractured her foot. That’s when she finally “got the message.” Although she would like to keep her private life “private,” Pauline says that she must follow her “inner spirit.” She also states that she didn’t write these books alone. She believes “St. Therese” is her ghost writer and guardian angel who guides her through these books and through her life. Is she “right”? Who will be the “judge”?

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