King Yeshua’s Visitation


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A passing away, or extinction, is knocking at the door and is underway. A great King has visited earth unbeknownst to the world. Only those who are awake as watchmen, open the door to Him. This passing away is fulfillment of Biblical prophecy. In King Yeshua’s Visitation, author Carmen Saunders offers a look at the fulfillment of prophecy, Yeshua’s Parousia, and the arrival of a spiritual kingdom throughout AD history. It offers another perspective on partial preterism.

Part one of King Yeshua’s Visitation is an in-depth investigation of scriptures that describes the relationship between biblical prophecies and the current state of our planet, which are two controversial issues that are aligning side by side. Scriptures speak of an impending extinction, a fiery destruction, and an awesome deliverance, and an exodus of those who believe. Is it at such an urgent time as this that He gathers the Jews back to the land of Israel?

From the viewpoint of a partial preterist, Saunders reviews the prophecies concerning the Roman Empire to this juncture. Who was the beast and how did he enter the holy temple during the AD 70 tribulation? Was Ezekiel’s prophecy concerning Gog and Magog against Jerusalem actually the Crusades? Are the devastating droughts in many countries in recent decades a fulfillment of Zechariah 14? Who were the ten kings in prophecy? There was an end to the holy temple according to Daniel, now we see the end of life on this earth according to scripture. There are two signs in recent history that were given as a warning: the Titanic and the events with the Schindler Jews during Holocaust.

King Yeshua’s Visitation communicates now is the time to humbly open the door to the King. It is a wake-up call to everyone on the planet. Yeshua’s words come to pass without delay and the door to salvation is closing. This demands our attention above all else. This book makes the connection of the global crises unfolding prophetically. We are much further along in prophecy than many realize.

Part two of King Yeshua’s Visitation describes a visitation of a different kind, such as contacts between two dimensions and the God-established witnesses who testify for believers in salvation.


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