Mind, Pain, Feeling, Healing, New Beginnings


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The contents of this book are to help identify and smooth out some rough trails in our lives if we have a chemical imbalance or emotional problems. I write because I want to help, particularly military veterans, because I am a veteran. There are programs for veterans and also civilians who have mental or emotional problems. It is good that some patients find out early in age. I was rebelling against the problem I had, and it was hard for me to accept. I have had social workers and nurses help me.

There were times when I felt like a victim, but I didn’t know why I felt so awful. It was a thirty-year search for the correct medicine for me. At least I wasn’t so alone. I wanted to be in the service, and that was where I was diagnosed as bipolar. Then the help began. In my bibliography are three sources of literature that I have listed. I have read several other books too.

I hope by reading this book someone else will find help like I have. How your help comes is with reading this book. We all need to find our truth to heal.

I was bipolar all my life. I come from a very busy family. My niche was to keep busy in sports and music. My mother helped me go to college. I got good grades in school. She really helped me get a good education. She was a teacher in a one-room schoolhouse many years ago. She taught me by taking me to church, and I picked up correct grammar. She was very busy, all five of kids were busy, and my dad was busy working. I have strong faith in my genes. I was blessed with God-believing parents on both sides of my family. I am so thankful for that.

It seemed to me that I shouldn’t have a problem with my medication. But sometimes, it does. It has to be checked. I learned to take my pills. I thank Uncle Sam for helping me with my pills. I am very sorry for those who use harmful drugs that can be very bad for you, and I will be so happy that I made it through one more day. I still have problems, but I live and learn… Someday I’ll have a new brain, and I’ll be very happy when I go to the glory.

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