Molding A Man: Book II Code of a Man


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Thought-out history the world has been built from the hard work of inspired men within each society. Nothing is more amazing than a man who can create with his hands and mind. Building structure from dirt to becoming one of the world’s wonders. It’s truly something to behold the development of something from nothing.

Society has not completed defining or describing a great man. We have some ideas about that particular aspect of manliness but no real definition. So, it’s my attempt to breakdown what I believe how a great man is built. This writing is not meant to be the “end all be all” but give a good starting point to begin a conversation of self-inspiring or inspiring others.

Author Description:

Retired Army 1st Sgt., Drill Sgt. and a dedicated family man. The military background instilled in me the desire to help and improve everyone that came into my life.

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