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Book Synopsis: This collection of inspirational fantasies features MoneyPenny, a charming tabby girl kitten chosen by Angels for special tasks. She saves a woman from grief based depression, rescues an emaciated dog, learns to fly, and helps some senior animals with retirement. Perhaps her greatest success is saving a girl.Autobiography: HELEN HOGAN writer, painter, teacher, rider!A cat lover before she started school, Helen politely thanked grown ups who gave her dolls. As soon as they left, she pulled the doll clothes free, tossed the dolls, and dressed her grandmother’s kittens. She secured them in last year’s Easter basket, hung it on the handlebar of her tricycle, and toured the neighborhood. A half century later, she showed two household pets to Supreme Grand Master status with The International Cat Association.Her writing career began winning a contest for young journalists to interview the Brooklyn Dodgers in spring training in Miami. The sportswriters learned their winner was a GIRL, so promoted the second place boy to co-winner.Helen rode ponies in the park at three, graduated to Saddlebreds at five. Finally Uncle Steve Calder gave her a racetrack reject while she worked on her MA. She hauled him to Texas when she earned her first college teaching job. She made the most of him in Texas. A fall that broke her arm brought her to meet a lonely Berry Hogan. Love grew into a fifty year marriage filled with studies and school careers for both.She followed in his footsteps to become a licensed pilot, returning late from her solo cross-country because at each required check-in the men pilots around the office kept teasing the novel woman pilot.In retirement she returned to the art she put on hold while teaching.

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