Mysteries of the Bible: The Seal of God


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There are so many stories and rumors about the Bible that it really frustrates me. From the lost books of the Bible to interpretations that are not even close to the real thing. As Christians, we profess to believe in one God and one Bible. The million-dollar question is: how do we get well over nine thousand different religions that all claim to believe in the same thing? After fifteen years of research and scholastic training, I wrote this book with the purpose of getting out the truth about the Bible, going back to the original Greek and Hebrew and eyewitness accounts from people that lived in the time of Jesus. I categorically prove step-by-step how, despite the diverse sources and writers of the Bible, all the books of the Bible belong where they are and are divinely inspired or divinely written. Also, that every book, chapter, and verse belongs exactly where it is and fits together like a puzzle. There is an intricate web of mysteries that tie it all together. I thoroughly explain seven of these mysteries and how they hold the Bible together.

It is time that the truth be known about the Bible and have the stories and rumors put to rest for once and for all. I spent over fifteen years of my life dedicated to that. Th-is book is based solely on fact and history, with no interpretations added, unless I say it’s my opinion.

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