Nimponin: Shingakusha Hoseki Trilogy


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Synopsis: This is a story of consequences that unknowingly took place when the Gods created our universe, and how a vile evil from a Dark Realm, infiltrated and manifested itself into our very own universe. The evil that now exists, has an overwhelming desire to devour and destroy everything that is held sacred and good. The Gods sense this evil and a battle unfolds to entrap it. Once entrapped, the children of the very same Gods who created the heavens, struggle over the survival of one planet in the vastness of the universe.

Corruption, betrayal, deceit, show their ugly faces and try to bring forth chaos and mayhem, to obliterate the good in the world. One man, William James, a direct descendant of a once powerful matriarch, is able to wield the five elements of Earth, Wind, Water, Fire, and Spirit, and has the ability to control this power. Something that was thought lost, and has not been seen for a thousand years. He is appointed the Sendoka of a powerful Religion, and by his side is Samuel Miro, a swordsman, ranked higher than any Master. Sworn to protect and defend William, he is also his trusted friend. The two of them seek out the Gifted, four individuals who, like William, are able to wield the power of one of the elements. Once found, and with others they will fight to bring a stop to the ongoing spread of evil that is trying to corrupt the world. Nova, a beautiful cold-hearted merciless woman is appointed as the Kaisoshosuko of the Dark Scriptures, by the male Gods who desire to release the evil one. They task her to raise an Army of the Dark, and once she has this army, she is to terrorize the lands and to destroy any good that they find in the world. Her army is made up of cutthroats, murderers, thieves, and the scum of the world, who all pay fealty to her. Nova herself, has been trained by the Twins Mae and Mia, who came from the Dark Realm, and have the power of bringing forth Sutaraukaji and Chizobutsu creatures and beasts from their Realm. While her army grows, Nova searches for her “Chosen”, women who can be taught to weld the Dark Arts, and to do her bidding.

The confrontation between Good and Evil slowly unfolds, as the Tendaishi know that one cannot exist without the other, but the annihilation of one over the other is to great, as treachery, murder, betrayal, and lust are a few of the many things that could plunge the planet of Chikyu into total darkness, and possibly destroy all of mankind.

Auto-biography: Born and raised in the Greater New England area. Joined the service, and traveled throughout the Far East. Returned to New England, traveled up and down the East Coast. Live in New England with my wife and son.

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