Spiritual Doors


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I’m writing this book on my life experiences regarding what I’ve experienced from the Spiritual Realm of Life and also to let people know they’re not alone in what they experience in their life or something similar in the spiritual world. And also for those in the world that need to let them know that the spiritual world is real. There are demons here on earth sharing what comes out of those spiritual doors from the drug and alcohol life.


I’m a black African American born in San Francisco, California. I grew up very shy and a loner. I loved sports probably because I was slow in school, so sports made me feel wanted because I was good at sports. My mother had me at a very young age, at 15 yrs of age. I grew up with 5 more brothers and sisters, a total of 3 boys and 3 sisters who were very busy at home. As far as our Spiritual Life, I was pretty much the only one going to church on Sundays when the bus came by. My parents never forced us to go, so for some reason, I would get up every Sunday and go to church. I don’t know why I was going because I didn’t know what the pastor was talking about, but I do know now that the word of God says, “Teach a child how he should go so when he gets older, he will not depart from there.” Now I see why so into the word of God, more than my brother and sisters are. That is why my calling was different than most; I believe because I love winning souls for the kingdom of God, and that is why my battles here on earth are very serious-demoniacs battles. I mean, my God has plans to prosper me and not harm me. So I carry only faith in God and not fear. For fear is of the devil.

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