The Concept of the Trinity Is Not Biblical


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he Concept of the Trinity Is Not Biblical

By: Allen Nance

2 Timothy 3:16 tells us scripture is profitable for doctrine. This Trinity doctrine, though, has extra-biblical origins. Yet, it is one of the most widely taught and accepted doctrines of the Christian church. The oxymoron: God given scripture does not teach the concept, but man uses scripture to teach the concept. The only thing God calls Jesus is “My Son.” The only one Jesus refers to as God is “My Father.” However, Trinity teaching has added the Holy Spirit to the group and calls all three God. The Holy Spirit, The Spirit of Truth, has revealed to Allen the reality of how the Trinity became a Christian doctrine. It was not so when the New Testament scriptures were written. So, how could an erroneous teaching have survived for so many centuries? The revelation of the truth is within. It is time to let go of the rudiments of men and return to God.

About the Author

Allen Nance has the God-given talent and spirit for teaching. He has many years of experience in this vocation in both the secular world and the religious community. The Holy Spirit has used Allen’s time in those dueling disciplines to open his eyes to how secular education confuses young believers in their Christian faith. Although he is retired from secular education, he still works with the youth as the coach of the high school bowling team. Being married 40+ years, he was the spiritual leader with the raising of his own two children and now two grandchildren. He has been led, by the Spirit, to address the confusion of the youth by first addressing the teaching of adults. Allen’s God given ministry is to lead Christian teachers back to an understanding of the Bible as it is actually written.

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