The Necessity of All Things


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Book Synopsis: Allenda once stood naked in front of the mirror and decided she did not like the woman staring back at her. Spurred by this revelation, she started on a spiritual journey as she removed her fleshly desires, one layer at a time, and asked God to forgive her past transgressions, breathe life back into her human form, and unveil the spirit of her purpose. As she chronicles her path towards reinventing herself, Allenda discloses how she learned to understand the meaning of prayer, seeking God’s direction for her life, and immersion of herself with seeking a higher knowing. While sharing insight into her journey, Allenda provides encouragement for anyone struggling with their faith during the most darkest hours. You will come to learn that everything is necessary, and you must understand that God will always lead you into the purpose of your Lifescript.The Necessity of All Things is the inspirational true story of one woman’s journey towards the burning desire of re-inventing of herself, through understanding what the Universe had intended for her since conception. Her understanding of her Lifescript has catapulted her deeper into her spirituality.Autobiography: “There is no such thing as a mistake” -Allen HenryAllenda Felice Henry is a native of Cleveland, Ohio, mother of two adult children, and grandmother of twins. She served in the US Navy, owned a temp-to-hire recruiting firm, worked as a healthcare professional, and founded the non-profit organization, The Journey Foundation, Inc. in honor of her father Allen Henry. Allenda currently resides in Cleveland, Ohio.

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