The North America Model for the Book of Mormon: From Jerusalem to Cumorah


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Sit at the edge of the waters of Mormon
Cross the river Sidon at the city and valley of Gideon
Climb mount Antipas
Follow the path Coriantumr used to attack the city of Zarahemla
Journey to the city of Judea in Manti with the 2000 stripling soldiers
Explore the land of the Nephite kings, Zeniff, Noah and Limhi
Stand where king Benjamin spoke to the people from the tower
Visit the shores of the east sea and west sea at the narrow neck
Waters of Mormon – NC Mount Antipas – NC East sea near the narrow neck – NY

You can now. The search for the lands of the Book of Mormon has been an object of interest and conjecture ever since it was published in 1830. Many serious and well researched studies have been conducted for locations from South America, to Central America, to North America and beyond. Substantive theories have been generated and extensive academic treatises and books have been written and websites created to promote a wide range of models attempting to address the sites and locations of where the events took place. Each model has its proponents and its detractors, and each has credible scriptural, scientific and archaeological evidence to support elements of each model.

The North America Model for the Book of Mormon, From Jerusalem to Cumorah, locates events, not just generally, but with specificity in many cases. It is based on the contemporarily written word, the preferred source for historical research. Since the Book of Mormon is true, what better source would there be? It is time to unravel the geography of the Book of Mormon from Jerusalem to Cumorah that has been hidden in plain sight since 1830.

The North America Model indicates how close the historical and geographical footprint of the wars, contentions and travels of the Nephites and Lamanites may have facilitated the actual founding and preservation of the United States of America in the prophesied land of promise through the paths and trails that the ancient peoples who inhabited the land created and which were used not only by the colonists during the Revolutionary War but also in the course of the Civil War. The legacy of the Book of Mormon is more intimately intertwined with the United States of America, the promised land of liberty, than originally thought.

Miamisburg Mound, Ohio – Hopewell Mound Builder Culture 1000/200 B.C. to 4-500 A.D.

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