The Soldier: Serve in Heaven… Or Reign in Hell… A Series Novel


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Turmoil has begun. The first horseman has been released upon the world; the Final Days have been revealed. Adrian, a laid-back easygoing IT manager takes things as they go; however, nightmares seem to plague him and he can’t seem to make sense of the dreams and the meaning behind them… What’s with these dreams and what does it have to do with him? Little does he know that the dreams are things yet to come in his life that will change his perspective forever and create an internal battle of fighting for revenge or for justice.


Darine Davis aka DQube was born in Shreveport, LA his love of storytelling developed at a young age but blossomed while in high school. His witty humor and logical insight on life plays an important part in his storytelling and his engaging the reader’s attention. His unique writing style will have you smiling, laughing and embracing thoughts on human nature and how we as humans navigate through it in certain situations.

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