The Usurpation Of Christianity By The Religious Establishment


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It’s essential to uncover the current malady affecting the organized Christian Church today, not its structuring and not necessarily its organizational approach, but present to it His solution, which has never been hidden or even veiled in His Word, which is that we must return to the true roots of Christianity, which is founded on the individual discipleship of each member of His body, just as Jesus designed it and modeled it for us while He ministered on this earth. It passed the acid test of resiliency when it was mercilessly persecuted, as its disciples applied the principles as instituted and instructed by our Lord for all of us to display and to do. I encourage anyone to do a Bible search for the word disciple and believer and see firsthand that these words are not interchangeable or used in the same context when referring to a specific person whose known to be committed to our Lord, versus referring to a generalization in the third person to someone or a group whose aware about the existence of the real living God.

Gods remedy its still available today to anyone who truly desires to attain it and can decipher that its only through discipleship that a true believer is infected with the enthusiasm, zeal, and eagerness in the commitment to fulfill John 8:31 and Matthew 28:19, reaching to those around them who thirst and hunger for the things of God, and in that process, experience the life He promises we can live now. Its time to abandon, once and for all, the current practices of mass-producing supporters, and inscribe it into our minds that the Great Commission was not to make believers but to make disciples. The early church didn’t churn out cheerleaders and advocates but bonafide disciples, taught and equipped according to Ephesians 6:10-17, who then, as members of the body of Christ, led by example, transforming them into a formidable, most powerful and effective force the Roman Empire had ever seen. Again, I want to reiterate that I am not against the church, as organized by the apostles, but want to revolutionize it, where discipleship is the top priority and purpose for its existence. I am critical of the current organized version that has taken the place of the real church, that nowadays is wasting vast resources and investing them in huge entertainment amphitheaters, and often dilute, distort, and obscure the true message and method to attain this new life established by our Lord. Unless this change happens, we cant truly reach and change a lost world.

Our Real Life in Christ seeks to help those who are experiencing that gnawing sensation that there is much more to Gods Word than what is being offered by those weekly sermons in churches today.


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