Under His Wings


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Paperback ‏ : ‎ 332 pages
ISBN-13 ‏ : ‎ 978-1098083151
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The Smith family was no stranger to tragedy. Death, illness, and shattered dreams-the Smiths had had more than their share. Yet through it all, the family relied on their God to hold them, comfort them, and protect them in times of danger.

Twenty-six-year-old Benjamin Cooper Smith thought that the road ahead was clearly mapped out for him. He felt God leading him to college, seminary, and ministry in a church. He believed that somewhere along that journey, the Lord would lead him to a woman willing to partner with him in this endeavor. A cancer diagnosis, however, changed those plans and dreams forever. Coop suddenly found himself in a new role, with new responsibilities. Still believing that God was leading him, Coop returned to the family farm.

Living a very busy and somewhat isolated life on the farm, Coop was not sure how he was ever going to meet his life’s partner. Yet he trusted God. But the Lord was about to change the very desires of his heart.

Single mom Becky Emerson had also put her life into God’s hands. She wasn’t sure she wanted a man in her life, though, or that any man would want her and the baggage she brought into the relationship. God would have to make it very clear to her.

When Coop met an old high school classmate, Misty, and felt led to witness to her, things took an unexpected turn toward darkness and seduction. His reputation-in fact, his very life-was in jeopardy. Only the sheltering protection of God’s compassionate wings could keep him safe.


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