Publishing services

The creative process of writing is definitely not a walk in the park! Quite the contrary—it’s a long and dwindling path ahead with twists and turns, traps and baits, quicksands, and a lot of distractions that could lure you away from your path. You could read all the motivational resources about writing out there, or follow the path of a successful author, but you can never move forward unless you actually start writing! Which is why if you’re reading this, you’re most likely planning on getting your manuscript published. And we tell you, you already deserve a medal for coming this far because writing isn’t an easy feat! So, congratulations!

So, the next thing to do is publishing your book. This is not to discourage you, but self-publishing can get really tricky. It’s so easy to get lost and confused with all its technical jargons and unfamiliar terms. But, it’s now time for you to cut yourself some slack and let us do the job from here onwards.

The Reading Glass Books provides publishing packages that are proven and tested to work. Our process is cut to the bone and rid of excess fat but powerful and effective no less. You can never go wrong with our formula-proof methodology.


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