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Specialty Package Children’s Books

The Reading Glass Books provides publishing packages that are proven and tested to work. Our process is cut to the bone and rid of excess fat but powerful and effective no less. You can never go wrong with our formula-proof methodology.

Package Inclusions
Production features:
One-on-one Author Support
Cover Illustration
Interior Illustrations and Layout
10 Level Illustrations
Book Availability in Ebook Format
Book Availability in Paperback Format
Book Availability in Hardback Format
Electronic Galley
Post-publication features:
Author’s complimentary copy
6 Paperback and 3 Hardback Copies
Book preview in Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and Google Books
100% royalty (paid quarterly)
Book returnability
Book availability in RGB’s online bookstore
Marketing features:
Book Display at RGB Bookstore
Book Display at the JBMDL Exchange Mall
Email Marketing Campaign
Press Release Campaign

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