“Stolen Identity” is a Self-discovering Journey of Who You Are in Christ and How You Can Impact the World Around You

Stolen Identity Plan of the Evil One


Author Marcella Ward aspires to see a world free from identity crises by embracing the existence of Christ living in us. COOKSTOWN, NEW JERSEY, USA, September 3, 2021 /EINPresswire.com/ — Confusion takes place in the world today. Despite this, Marcella takes this time to provide divine intervention through her book, “Stolen Identity: Plan of the Evil One.” The book attempts to reecho the message of Christ in every lost and weary individual. In these trying times, when our sanity is tested, faith challenged, and identity questioned, Marcella’s book serves as a beacon, guiding lost souls to shore through intimately reintroducing Christ as Savior, God as Father, and the Holy Spirit as Comforter.

According to Marcella herself, this book was birthed by Divine inspiration and will challenge readers to stand for their identity rooted in Christ. This book will inspire anyone to be who they were created to be and live according to God’s plans. She adds, “You will embark on a journey where people of faith in the Bible, as well as modern-day people, stood up for their God-given Identity. Their lives changed the world. This book will inspire you to be someone who can change the world as you encounter the gifts and tools to equip you to take a stand for who you are in Christ.”

Marcella, alongside her husband, Marty, plays an active role in Christian ministries. They both write, produce Christian music, and continue to glorify God in their Healing Hearts Ministry. They share the message of God and encourage individuals to embark on the journey of forgiveness and happiness amidst life obstacles. Aside from being a servant of God and a writer, Marcella is also a retired educator.

Marcella’s book received praises from The Parchment Review Team, saying, “Stolen Identity: Plan of the Evil One is a useful way of connecting the life of the mind with the faith of the Church… This is a book to be strongly recommended as the author’s passion, and intellect is reflected in it, [with] some parts thought-provoking—it’s a recipe every reader would love.”

A movie script based on “Stolen Identity: Plan of the Evil One” has been written. If you are interested, please contact Marcella at flighty1112000@yahoo.com

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