Our Branding Team will help you clinch that untapped digital market, embrace the changes in digital and online media, and push the limits of the Internet.
Our Publicity Team will help you get the word out about you and your book through our especially-crafted campaigns that are specific to your goals, needs, and strengths as we share your unique message and vision.

Book Consignment
Program $349

Get your book on our shelves for 6 months. This features a shelf call-out tag that would catch the customer’s attention while searching through our cornucopia of books.
No limit to the number of books sold, but only ship us 20 at a time. Once all stocks are consumed, you may send in another batch of copies. Royalties are 100% and paid through check per batch. All unsold books upon the end of the campaign are returnable.

Press Release
Campaign $399

Brand Promotional Materials

Bronze $599

Amber $899

Royal $1,499