The Reading Glass Books launches book community aimed at connecting authors to professional reviewers, readers


The company makes headway globally as a leading independent bookstore that helps authors connect to professional reviewers and readers through compelling book reviews, creative brand promotional materials, and an impressive Press Release Campaign.

The Reading Glass Books has unveiled an impressive book community that seeks to connect authors to professional reviewers and readers through compelling book reviews and digital content that fuel online conversations and engagement.

Positioning itself as a “local bookstore with a heart,” it leads the charge in providing services that are packed in a way that appeals to Millennials and Generation Z. It specializes in book reviews for a digital audience.  

“We believe that it’s time for pocket reviews that will fit the attention span of the digital buying audience. We embrace the changes in digital and online media and push the limits of the internet,” a representative of the company said in a statement. 

The bookstore offers The Reading Glass Critic’s Review, a new digital perspective for book reviews that aim to help up-and-coming writers, widely-regarded authors, and their books stand out in a deeply saturated publishing market.

Every author who avails of the Critics’ Review service gets a verdict blurb from its team of reviewers and will have the chance to enter in the Reading Glass Book Awards based on the committee assessment of the complete book.

Authors can choose from a wide range of plans available, starting with the Classic package worth $399. The Reading Glass Books provides a PDF tear sheet of the review, posting to The Reading Glass Book Review site, basic news post content, and social media posting at the company’s Instagram page. It also sends the review to the store’s mailing list. 

The Retro Package, worth $499, offers an additional feature where authors stand out through the Writers to Watch feature page (Q&A) at The Reading Glass Book Review site. They also get a one-time Instagram ad placement. 

The Vintage Package, priced at $799, takes that a step higher. Its team of experts, this time, submits the content to the Independent Publisher Book Awards Additional Community Review, with two additional reviews from the Reading Glass book club community. 

The New Jersey-based company has also scaled up its Bookstore Consignment Program, which aims to provide independent authors with a chance to sell their books at a physical bookstore.  

The company lamented that getting a self-published book into a brick-and-mortar bookstore has been one of the most insurmountable challenges faced by independently published authors worldwide.

The Reading Glass Books says the Bookstore Consignment Program bridges this gap, alongside impressive brand promotional materials to help authors take the spotlight. 

The bookstore says 56% of consumers still trust print marketing most among all advertising methods, and they are most likely to respond to a physical marketing campaign.

“The Reading Glass Books, a home of creative people, brimming with brilliant ideas and gifted with artistic eyes, will make sure your brand promotional materials hook, engage, and call consumers to action,” the representative said. 

The company has started as an independent bookstore that celebrates self-published authors’ works by providing them with a platform to showcase their books and deliver them to the right hands. It takes pride in its slogan, “The hashtag future is here. And we are here to creatively read the room.” 

Since its birth, the bookstore became the home of more than 150 undiscovered titles from unique but equally promising writers.  

“We believe that each book is an experience, and having witnessed firsthand the potential of our writers, our grit and passion for introducing them — making them a part of everyone’s reading journey — became even stronger,” the representative said.

It has become the company’s mission to help its writers stand out in a deeply saturated publishing market by offering a new digital perspective and shaking up the conventional.

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