Unveiling Writers’ Branding/The Reading Glass Books: A Haven for Indie Authors

In the vast world of publishing, where the giants dominate the landscape, there exists a hidden gem, a haven for indie authors looking to shine. Writers’ Branding/The Reading Glass Books stands proud as a beacon of hope and opportunity for talented writers from all corners of the globe. With two prestigious accreditations under its belt – the American Booksellers Association (ABA) and the Independent Book Publishers Association (IBPA) – this veteran-owned bookstore has proven its mettle in the literary world.

A Physical Bookstore: Elevating Your Book’s Credibility

In the digital age, physical bookstores still hold a special place in the hearts of book lovers. Writers’ Branding/The Reading Glass Books’ brick-and-mortar bookstore, provides authors with a significant advantage. Having their books available for sale in a physical store adds a touch of authenticity and credibility to their literary achievements. Readers and publishers alike find solace in the tactile experience of flipping through crisp pages only a new book can offer, and Writers’ Branding/The Reading Glass Books ensures that these pages carry the voices of promising authors.

A Stellar Lineup of Acclaimed Authors

Writers’ Branding/The Reading Glass Books boasts an enviable roster of critically-acclaimed authors, each leaving an indelible mark on the literary landscape. Collaborating with renowned figures such as William Fortenbaugh, Beatrice Fairbanks de Holguin Cayzer, and Theodore Bagley, the store nurtures a rich tapestry of literary excellence. The likes of Michele Wallace Campanelli, now traditionally published by Simon and Schuster, and 2021 Best-Selling Author, Keith Johnson, also grace the bookstore’s shelves, inspiring aspiring writers and attracting enthusiastic readers.

Exclusive Opportunities for Aspiring Authors

For budding authors, Writers’ Branding/The Reading Glass Books offers exclusive access to publicity, a pool of book evaluators, and creative marketing solutions. The store goes the extra mile to support authors in crafting compelling author portfolios that showcase two key elements coveted by traditional publishers: Sales and Reviews. With these potent ingredients in hand, authors gain a competitive edge, increasing their chances of capturing the attention of traditional publishers and reaching a wider audience.

Strategic Locations for Maximum Impact

Writers’ Branding/The Reading Glass Books strategically places its physical bookstores at two prominent locations. The first is The Reading Glass Bookstore itself, located at 7 Wrightstown Cookstown Road, Unit 8, Cookstown, NJ 08511. Nestled in the heart of Cookstown, this charming bookstore invites literary enthusiasts to lose themselves in the world of words.

The second location is within the Joint Base MDL Exchange Mall, situated at 2841 E Arnold Ave, McGuire AFB, New Jersey. Partnering with the Army & Air Force Exchange Service, one of the largest retailers in the United States, Writers’ Branding/The Reading Glass Books secures a kiosk where authors’ books receive maximum exposure to the mall’s foot traffic. Positioned near the entrance and exit, the store ensures no visitor misses the chance to discover these hidden literary treasures. Additionally, the prime spot beside Starbucks creates an inviting synergy, where books and coffee coexist harmoniously, welcoming readers to indulge in their literary passions.

A Heartfelt Welcome to Indie Authors

Embodying the spirit of inclusivity and appreciation, Writers’ Branding/The Reading Glass Books wholeheartedly embraces indie authors. This veteran-owned bookstore is not just a retail space; it’s a sanctuary that celebrates the artistry and creativity of authors from diverse backgrounds. Visitors are invited to linger over titles that intrigue them, explore new narratives, and embark on literary adventures that transcend boundaries.

A Commitment to Authors’ Success

At Writers’ Branding/The Reading Glass Books, the dedication to authors’ success knows no bounds. The team tirelessly promotes and markets authors’ books within their physical bookstores, ensuring each literary gem receives the attention it rightfully deserves. From the moment a reader picks up a book from these shelves to the excitement of turning the last page, Writers’ Branding/The Reading Glass Books ensures an unforgettable journey of literary discovery.

Join the Movement!

For indie authors seeking recognition, exposure, and an unwavering commitment to their literary dreams, Writers’ Branding/The Reading Glass Books offers an unparalleled platform. Together, we’ll shape a brighter future for the world of literature, where talents flourish, stories resonate, and hearts connect through the magic of words.

Step into Writers’ Branding/The Reading Glass Books, and let your journey as an author truly begin. Welcome to your publishing home with a heart!

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